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screw the irs. when i was growing up noone paid taxes when mowing a lawn for someone or doing small part time jobs like that. heck i doubt we even made $3000 for the whole summer when working for someone else. never paid a dime. not just me. noone did. it was very normal back in the 80s-90s. the irs doesn't do anything but waste money anyways. i've always paid my taxes from the time i turned 16 and started working normal jobs and i pay them now. i think it's stupid to expect a 13 year old kid to pay taxes. it's not like they are making a ton of money. it's just chump change man. like an allowance or something. did you ever pay taxes on the allowance your parents gave you as a kid for doing chores? i guess you paid taxes on the lemonade you sold out of your driveway for 25 cents a cup too? no way

as far as an older person mowing a few yards on the side. who cares man? the irs will never find out.

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