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i don't ask for cash but some pay me in cash. they are allowed to pay in cash legally. it's legal tender. many pay with check. i report it either way so no issue with the irs.

do i really have to report the cash payments? no. the irs would never know i was mowing mrs. so and so's yard for $50 in cash. i report it anyways though because i'm honest about it.

i guarantee you there are tons of people out there mowing for cash only and not reporting a dime on taxes. it's just reality. i never said it was the right thing to do. i don't really support doing that or anything. my main point is just if it's someone who has like 5 customers and they pay them $35 a cut then who really cares if they report it on taxes or not? it's not like that is gonna save our country from going deeper and deeper into debt. it wouldn't even make a dent in it.

now there are many out there that aren't making "chump change" and they don't report it on taxes. those are the ones that should be paying taxes. will they ever get caught? probably not.
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