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My employee ran over a gas line going into a field stone patio fireplace two weeks ago. To make matters worse he ignored it and didn't report it to me.

I got a call an hour later from my frantic customer saying we ruptured a gas line and her yard smelled of gas. Luckily she called the gas company and they had someone nearby come over and shut it off before something worse could happen.

The first estimate she got was for $1,200 to take apart the stone and replace the broken pipe and then put the stone back in. I talked to my friend who is a pipe fitter and he told me it was way overbid. She talked to me this week and said she got another quote for $400.

How would you guys handle this situation with your employee. He's 20 Y.O. new to this business and I am in the process of training him to hopefully become a long term employee...
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