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Should I leave my tools on the job?

Funny I was thinking about this the other day. I worked for a company where we had a e350 van, now I work for a company where I have a Ranger. Two of the biggest advantages for me having an enclosed trailer would be keeping things dry (Pacific Northwest) and keeping things secure. How many times have you had to run to the hardware store down the road for one misc. thing and had to shuffle a bunch of stuff from the back of the truck to the cab? Whoever is driving has to know how to handle the trailer with a vehicle. Seems common sense until my boss moved a guy onto our install crew and he had a c4500 kodiak and out big dump trailer and just driving to the job he backed into someone and sideswiped a contractor's truck. Also depends on the work, we seem to always play 'shuffle the tools' in the morning between our 250, kodiaks, dump trailer and landscape trailer. Gotta have a vehicle to tow it around. Seems like common sense but sometimes the trailer get dropped off at the jobsite and then you bring the Ranger out to the job to save gas and forget its there or scheduling changes. Just my two cents
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