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Originally Posted by DA Quality Lawn & YS View Post
Hope your new guy works out Larry.
What summer annuals are you seeing out there now?
I am seeing a lot of yellow woodsorrel, clover (not annual I know but worth mention), spurge is starting.
With a deluge of rain, will crab be breaking through bad this summer?
Hi DA -- our new guy is doing great. 2 or 3 more tries & he will pass his pesticide tests. Odd thing is >> those stupid test questions really have NOTHING to do with our business. That's government for ya.

Some crabgrass & oxalis (bare/thin areas) has emerged during the past 3 weeks. Clover somewhat. Now spurge & nutsedge is emerging.

WEED OF THE YEAR + Prickly lettuce !! Bigtime !! Mostly in thinned out lawns from last year's record drought. 2013 = all-time record spring rainfall.

I just wish homeowners would mow correctly. This spring - we have gone thru a record amount of broadleaf herbicides. This makes our lawn app's go much more slowly than normal. Very tough deal cuz we started 3 weeks late. Then figure all the rain days. High wind days. Even snow in April.

We're running 3 weeks behind normal. Glad our max is 5 app's, cuz others sell 6 or 7.
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