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I feel like I know what I should do but I will give him a few more days to see if he can get out of turtle mode and give him a chance to show me a glimpse of what he could do. I am trying to realize people need a little time to get used to something they are not used to.

He has said to the other guys that he loves the job and is so excited to work for me. It is kind of weird that I don't see it in his actions. He said he wants to provide for his family so hopefully he will.

People have died from playing video games. Sitting for such long periods of time is not good. I can see playing once in awhile but all the time everyday is messed up. Do something!

I always feel like I should just do things myself so I know they will get done right without having to go redo it. I feel like there isn't anybody else like me who wants to do their best and continually try to get better at what they do.
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