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First off, thanks for the responses.

I have mowed with the Woods FZ25D and it performed similar to the Grasshopper 721 front mount mower I currently have, just faster and newer.

I borrowed a friends Ferris IS5100Z just to try a Ferris mower. The ride was really smooth but the 5100 is a beast and no where near my price range. I have contacted my local dealer about trying out the IS2000Z, the demo unit would be the actual mower I am looking at buying. I have not had a chance to test this mower yet. The dealer said he has a IS2000Z with the Kohler EFI that is a few hours shy of the demo credit that would be available soon, so this is also a consideration.

The IS3100Z does look like a great mower and the additional $2000 is why I was not considering it but maybe I should reevaluate this. I don't need a mower ASAP so I could save up some more $ and look at getting a 3100 in the fall.

The Gravely looked like a good price but the dealer is to far away to get to demo it on my yard.
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