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04 F250 struggling to pull trailer from dead stop.

Got a 04 Ford F250 5.4L
Never had a problem pulling my 20' enclosed trailer until yesterday.
Was at a stop sign and went to take off and almost felt like I had the e brake on. Had to give it a lot of gas just to get moving. Once the truck starts pulling and and gets out of 1st its fine but the initial start it struggles. Thought it could possibly be my trailer brakes sticking so I disconnected my trailer and took her for a drive. Seem to take off fine without the trailer hooked up but was shifting into other gears extremely hard to the point where I was feeling a knock. Checked the fluid level and couldn't tell for the life of me where it was reading on the stick so I poured 3/4 of a bottle in and I was able to see it filled close to the max line.
Any ideas or suggestions?
Hoping its not a sign that my tranny is going. Truck is a 04 with 48k
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