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Originally Posted by weeze View Post
just spray it and don't do anything else. after a week or two it will all be bare ground. if there's anything left you can use the trimmer to trim it down at that point.
I wouldn't do this. When you weed wack you get a lot of dust. You would be breathing in toxic dust. Pesticides and herbicides are causing an increasing amount of problems in the world - massive bee deaths, birth defects, not to mention 500 people die every day world wide due to pesticides and herbicides.
You can usually rent a rototiller for $45 or $60 a day from your rental place and get it done like that. But that causes the roots to get mixed in and you might have to go and sift through it after that.
You can use a shovel and get the roots and haul it away with or without the dirt on the roots.
good luck that doesn't look that bad
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