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Originally Posted by italianstallion69 View Post
I bought a kubota l2250 in winter and its just now coming back from mechanic.

the FEL was totally rebuilt with 4 new cylinders, it originally had 1.75" bore and I had him go with 2" new cylinders.

The original breakout force was 1653#

I want to be able to curl ( if not lift) pallets of sod to move around sites.

hydraulic cylinder app gives me #s
- 1.75" pistons force 3685#
-2" pistons force 5359#

if 3685#x 2 gave me 1653 then 5359x2 should give me 2403#?

Does this sound right?

Also adding rear remotes, does anyone know which is the supply and return on the loader valve? to T into to run rear remotes for a hydraulic angle on a harley rake?
I too own a L2250. While it has proven itself as a near bulletproof tractor I am concerned over your desire to lift a pallet of sod with it. Attached is a photo of a stone I moved with the L2250 when our skid steer was in use grading. This stone is less than a thousand pounds. A pallet of sod seems to weigh close to three thousand or more. I don't think the front wheels and tires could take such weight along with the front axle and steering would be working extra hard.

Regarding the rear remote: supply, pressurized lines are usually of a smaller diameter compared to the return lines.
If you haven't already 'T'ed I recommend purchasing a couple books on hydraulics from John Deere. Their FOS books are amazing and liberating.
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