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Actually the yeast in beer will eat your thatch in your lawn. The yeast does the same thing when they brew beer- it eats the grain. And any normal non lawn troll knows you just don't pore it in one spot and think it's going to take care of all your thatch in a lawn that 50 feet by 75 feet. You put it into a sprayer and add water(plus other parts of the tonic) and spray so it covers your lawn. Duh!

As for the liquid dish soap - it's makes water wetter. Does the same things in your kitchen sink. It breaks down the water surface tension, and the dirt. Also a lot of your lawn care companies will add it to their spray trucks. Reason is they don't have to use as much chemicals to do the same work. So all these lawn trolls who are making fun of all this- really haven't a clue. Maybe a little Junior High school chemistry might help them get the thatch out of there head. Also the drop of liquid dish soaps in a QT of water in a spray bottle and used properly will kill flies, aphids, and other insects- it drowns them- it cuts off the air supply because bugs breath through their "skin", and the water drowns them.

(This for a laugh- by brother and I used brut deodorant to kill snails as kids in California. Does a great job. But I would not suggest every one should do it. Too expensive.) Also using the lemon scented dish soap, the bugs do not like the lemon scent or the mint scented stuff either.

But Dchall_San_Antonio is way off on the mouth wash- it kills fungus and mold. Which are things like powder mildew.

BTW if you go buy your normal fertilizer it normally does not have the Epsom salts in it. If you try to find one that does it will be about $35-$45 dollars more. SO picking up a bag or carton of the Epsom salts and shaking into your bag of normal fertilizer, it will really will help green your lawn, and not take the green out of your wallet.

tannic acid- also kills molds and fungus. And it will kill things (molds) the mouth wash will not.

tobacco - nicotine extract is freakin' dangerous to be near, highly toxic which is why it's off the market. --- Has Dchall_San... ever read the ingredients list for Raid Wasp and hornet killer? They still put it in insecticides and even the new e-cigarette use nicotine in them. They even put it into gum. Not that I would ever be caught chewing any of it. But the idea behind steeping chew in hot water over night is to get that nicotine out of the chew so you can use it on the aphids on your roses (along with your lemon liquid dish soap).

Look I had over 800 dahlias in my front lawn (intensive organic gardening) and I used all this stuff on it. And wound up with 8 foot dahlias.

I even used the Epsom salts/fertilizer on the camp's lawn next door and I had one heck of a great green lawn. My only mistake was using the un-pasteurized beer/flat sugar 7-up (no diet)/1/2 cup of LQ lemon joy/black Tea (tannic acid)/ and two cap full of mint mouthwash in a gallon sprayer and one cup of Epsom salts (rest filled up with water).- The problem? It totally wiped out all of the thatch in less then a month. It did leave the green grass- which at that time, the growing grass left behind was really sparse. The area was the size of two foot ball fields on the side of a hill. I had one heck of a time getting the water to soak into the grass. But as the summer went, the grass really did take off and grew. BTW- everything I was told about gypsum breaking up clay, it didn't hold a candle when it came to using mulch in clay.

Also, I had about 35+ yards of tree leaves/wood chips/lawn clippings from the local power company and the neighborhood (thanks to my wood chipper). I used a bag of brow sugar, two cups of white sugar, 1/2 cup of lemon joy, six cans of unpasteurized beer on the pile of wood chips. Then I used my drip irrigation system every day to water it. I was told that it would take over two years to decompose that pile into mulch. It did it under 4-5 months. And I had earth worms over 8 inches long running around in it. There was cedar in the wood chips so it made the whole neighborhood smell great. Some of our neighbors were TROLLS and could not process what I was doing. I used the mulch to turn gray clay into top soil in less then two months. Cool part was you no longer needed a jack hamper to get the weeds out. You could bend over and pluck weeds with no trouble. I rototilled 6 inches of mulch to 12 inches of gray clay, and I had the best drained soil ever.

That was also the year I had leader of the neighborhood tell me that I did not need to water the camp lawn after I had spent the summer using the tonics on the lawn and watering it. You see we normally had apples the size of gulf balls on the camp property. Also according to the camp they lost a good amount of their kids coming back because the kid's hated the lawn- before that summer because the lawn pricked them. Back to the neighborhood leader- That year we had apples the size of grapefruit. I went over and plucked three apples and handed it too him and said "Oh your so right I never had to water or do any work on the lawn". When it dawn on him what I had handed to him, all I got out of him was an "Oh". Grapefruit size apples and lush green lawns are the best revenge. Most of the time when you have really large apples they are dry inside. Not that year.
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