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Originally Posted by gcbailey View Post
Is it me or has the price of rock increased a LOT over last year? I've checked with 5 places around here on their price of river/egg rock. The best I've found is $94/yard. Last year we were getting it around $68/yard. On top of that, the cheapest delivery I've found is $60 per 1 ton truck load (probably 5 yards).
Yeah it's gone up a lot. The quarry where I'd been buying their "oversize" (anything that wouldn't fit thru their screens) for $6/ton went out of business.
The landscaper supply guy next door bought the pit. He sells me the same stone for prices like you're talking about.

Are they selling it by the yard and measuring it by the pound?

5 yards would be a lot of weight on a 1-ton-truck. As much as 16,000# depending on the stone.

I'd look at the weigh slip and measure the bed of the truck delivering it to get a better idea of what I was paying for.
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