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Originally Posted by kemco View Post
Im at the point where I also need a second truck but mine is to run another mow crew as we are just about tapped out with what we can handle in the one truck. Ive learned the hard way that the best way to keep your biz solid is by running it with " if you cant buy it for cash, don't buy it " in mind. Buy a POS that will do the job... i.e. get you from point A to point B. Ignore that little voice in your head that tells you "But if my truck isn't nice and new looking it will give potential customers the wrong impression, etc." Instead get what you can for cash and laugh at yourself for ever thinking you needed a nice truck as you go to the bank and deposit all the additional money you are saving from NOT buying and financing a nice new truck.
Just saw your signature says kawi 750 backpack as money pit? Why? I just bought one and love it. Do they not last?? Sorry to change the subject..
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