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Originally Posted by DLCS View Post
I just bought one a few weeks ago. I love it except for the head. I had the dealer put the old style Veri head on it, like whats on your 1992 model. The head kept flying apart on me after a few hours use.
So far I like the head. Hasn't come apart yet. I was surprised at how little trimmer line Echo gives you when new! I swear when the dealer showed me all about this new head that it had like 5 feet of line in it!

I like it as the string eyelets are closer to the ground. With that and the large smooth head, I can "mow" large areas and not accidentally tap the head and let line out when not needed. I'm saving line like crazy. Old head lets out like 3" of line/tap. This one is like 1" or so.
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