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Originally Posted by RSK Property Maintenance View Post
the middle class to upper class. the more money they have the cheaper they will get usually. but in some cases that is not true, also the extremely wealthy always feel like they are getting ripped off, and always want the best deal and will shop around to pinch pennies, the middle class or upper middle class may hire the more expensive guy because they want quality, or they like who they are dealing with or the fact that you speak english and are presentable and have a clean truck and a trailer. the rich or whatever you wanna call them, usually already have a company that does everything for them anyways and are not likely to switch, and usually the company they have has been in their area for 15-30 years or longer even. so its really not worth trying to target those types of people.
Not here. Here they want quality. $475/month for 12 months to take care of a .75 acre lot. They went with a guy $20 higher than me because of my age. (22)
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