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Originally Posted by delphied View Post
Yup , I already know Scag and Exmark are 2 great machines but thx for that spellcheck. This site is loaded with info. Where you at Tacoma, I need some real info. Ive been blowing clippings with a backpack blower for a month and want to know if Scags have the same problem? I dont bag. The Scag cuts Ive seen lately look good from the road but Ive always read they just dont groom a lawn like an Exmark.
I own both machines. They both leave an excellent cut. If you've read through the archives on this board, the pros and cons of both are well documented. I prefer scag but If exmark came out with a new feature I was really interested in, I wouldn't be opposed to buying exmark again. The scag does leave longer clippings unless you run G5 or G6 blades. Those long clippings are why it doesn't clump in wet grass and that's why it can cut at a higher ground speed. The exmark does leave small clippings and that's also the reason it clumps in wet grass. Pick your poison. There is no perfect mower. However, these are both very good in my opinion.
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