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I enjoy doing helpful things until it's not appreciated. Years back a friends parents & sister didn't have any heat in their mobile home & we were in the freezing temps. I drove 20 miles out to the Walmart near their home to purchase electric mattress pads. Before checking out I received a call from the mom saying "we don't need your charity, we have plenty of blankets". Apparently word got back to her what I was doing 'cause I thought it good to ask the sister if they were home & suggested what I was up to.
Some people are so proud that you could try & give them a new house & they wouldn't take it. Dumb, dumb.
Nevertheless, being considerate of others is genetic so I've continued on.
Recently I've called the power co. to pay someones electric bill. Not sure they ever noticed that it was paid by someone else.
Any time I spot the preacher parked at Sonny's BBQ restaurant I pull into drive thru to pay for his meal. He's not your typical money hungry pastor,(he refuses to take a dime for anything, yes anything) he's been doing irrigation work for 30+ years & sweats it out with the rest of us & at the same time shows how we're not under the tithing system of the O.T.
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