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Originally Posted by GRPM LLC. View Post
As others did in 2005 when this thread started, I started charging a surcharge for fuel once it reached $ 2 a gal. I remember that increase went out to my customers in the June statement of that year. I simply wrote a note on their statement that due to the price of fuel, that a surcharge of $ 1 per cut would be charged. It has gone up and down along with the price of gas, I'm now at $ 2 a cut. I have never heard any backlash from my customers, and a few I did happen to speak about it face to face completely understood. Everyone has their way of running their business. The rising gas prices were and still are a cost of living increase for everyone of us. It costs more to eat, send or receive a package, and to heat your home in the winter, all due to higher fuel costs, so why should it not cost more to have your grass cut?
So, in the span of 8 years you only increased lawns $2 ???!!!
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