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Originally Posted by CurbAppealKS View Post
I find this hard to believe unless you are a homeowner. I have used the 7 iron deck extensively and while it is a great deck, there is no way you could get through a whole season without scraping your deck and only getting that much buildup.
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I dunno......
I used a 7 Iron II for an entire season and never had to scrape it even after cutting soaking wet grass. Never. The MOD deck I have now will get more build up due to all the baffles/places for crap to stick, but even it does remarkably well in the wet. I am always amazed when I get it home and go to clean it expecting a gallon bucket or more to come out and there's no where near that amount under it. They may not be perfect decks, but they do awfully well in any condition. IMO, they are a great compromise between the Exmark UC and the V+ from Scag. Wide open and discharge/clean out great like the V+, but the blades are closer to the front baffle than the V+ so the clippings aren't nearly as long coming out leaving a cleaner finish like the UC.
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