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Originally Posted by jbell36 View Post
so it sounds like when comparing the PGP to the 5000, the 5000 is the better head hands down...around here, 90% of heads are PGP's...would you guys start swapping out broken PGP's for 5000's or keep the system the same and just replace with another PGP when it needs to be replaced?

one thing i don't like about the i20's is how strong the spring is, takes a certain amount of pressure to even pop the head side of town doesn't have very good pressure and can't pop the i20, yet the other side of town is more around 120 as of right now, i don't really stock the i20, just have a few if and when i might need them...

i'm trying to figure out what i want to do in the future as far as maintenance goes on which head i should stock...
rain bird 5000. I encounter the same thing everyday. Just because a part time irrigator/firefighter installed pgp's doesn't mean you have to accept his sh!tty standard.
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