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Originally Posted by alldayrj View Post
Seems to overcomplicate it. Having it delivered in the slinger truck or concrete truck seems genius. Shipping and installation in one shot. Why buy this, truck it, dump it, use skid to move it around, an clean up after it if you don't have to. Just have 2 guys in a pickup truck do the whole thing with rakes shovels and brooms
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im thinking of a slinger truck as well. I just hate relying on subs and would prefer to do it in house.

the slinger truck rates are significantly higher than a tri axle rate (with just cause) so it wouldn't be economical for him to get it, plus if he does pick it up the quarry is at least an hour away, so for him to leave the site and come back would be a production killer. so if the slinger truck stays on site i'll have to put a loader/operator on site. at that point why not just use a big skidder with the attach of the link you show.. thanks for all the input so far guys!

I looked at the mulch blowers and they say they can blow small stone aggregate as well, does anyone have any experience with one blowing stone thru it?
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