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Originally Posted by LBOperator View Post
Yeah my first lawn I got the guy says he does online banking only and prefers to send the checks out at the first of the month with his other bills. He says all he does is set it up in the computer and his bank automatically cuts and sends me a check at the first of the month. I didn't even know that was possible, if I hadn't met with him and shook his hand and watched him go in the house I might have though I was getting scammed, lol. Man it's getting high tech.
That can also be set up for every week or every 2 weeks. I have customers who send me a check every 2 weeks through automatic online banking. They don't have to be at home when I mow. Some of the checks come in advance of the mowing.
I just mow and then get paid by mail or the person at the home. Nobody gets a month behind that way. Nobody gets confused about when I did the work. I don't have to extend a months credit to people I don't know. Even with commercial, the business could go under and be left owing you a lot of money.
Somebody is late paying after a month. You have to keep mowing to keep up with the growth. That would drive me nuts Just would not work for me, but it works for many
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