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Originally Posted by alldayrj View Post
Another way would be to get one of the old town dump trucks that has a salt spreader conveyor in the bed. I see them using it for topsoil etc. have you explored the concrete truck route? Hire two out and have them alternate

didn't check into the mix trucks but will today..

I did think about the v box spreader though, they could straddle the area to be stoned and drive away! thanks for the validation, lol

Originally Posted by meets1 View Post
Dump it in as needed. Use a cement screed. Or get an electric vibrator, place on a 6ft 2x4 and screed by hand. Are you packing with a tamper?

i'll look into the screed, its just decorative stone so no tamping needed...

Originally Posted by excav8ter View Post
A blower truck would be cost prohibitive in my opinion....they experience a high amount of wear due to the stone blowing through the lines.

I would look into having the biggest trucks available, haul the stone to the closest redi-mix plant and have re loaded into the redi-mix trucks.
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there actually setting up a mobile batch plant on the site so this could work! gotta see what there rates are though..

thanks guys
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