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Originally Posted by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting View Post
. . .This has been a remarkable year in The LED market as most of the major players have launched new LED Lamp Lines. At Lightfair the story of the show was LED Lamps as seemingly every major brand launched new lamp products. More and more designers, specifiers, and engineers are looking towards LED lamps, rather than integrated fixtures, as they have learned the hard way about the pitfalls of using integrated fixtures in what are supposed to be permanent installations. Not to mention the challenge of matching output characteristics of multiple manufacturers integrated LED luminaires.

Not trying to be smug here, but.... I told you so!
James, I challenge your analysis and interpretation of industry trends. The best manufacturers of enclosed outdoor fixtures (meaning spec-grade) are not using drop-in LED lamps - they are all going for integrated - and the very best are developing modular integrated. Simply stated, the easy, cheap way to integrate LED's into any fixture is to use drop-ins - the better way is to re-design fixtures to fully leverage the new technology.

The landscape lighting manufacturers who only provide their LED sources in the old incandescent replaceable drop-in lamp forms are trying to put a square peg in a round hole. It is impossible to provide the environment and electronics in these old forms to fully realize the potential of LED's. The science is sound on this - and I have yet to see a drop-in manufacturer release any data to prove that their high power drop-ins will not overheat - not to mention EMI problems.

Also, your contention that more and more designers, specifiers, and engineers are looking to drop-ins rather than integrated is just not true. I would agree that these groups are no fans of integrated fixtures that give you no options for changing beam spread, adding filters, and that must be thrown away if they fail. These group are, instead, very juiced about modular integrated LED fixtures.

To sum this up I would say that we should not look upon the decisions of lower end manufacturers to sell LED drop-ins as any kind of evidence that drop-ins are superior to modular integrated.
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