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Originally Posted by rcreech View Post
Say I have the water tested monthly for the bad strains if u will what wuld I used to treat

Do u think that there could b a good chance as I stated most around here are used for swimming and I have never heard of any issues

Also if there is an Algea problem can I used an algeacide or use copper sulfate and b ok

May put a UV in also
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Only 2 methods are approved for treating water for pathogens that I am aware of: Chlorine or UV Sterilization. NOTE: This is UV sterilization not the level of UV generating that you will obtain from the standard pond UV Clarifier. A commercial grade unit is required and they will cost $3,000-$4,000.

There are no guarantees that you will or will not have a problem. Every body of water is different. If animals are allowed in the pond, (dogs, water fowl, turtles etc.) the chances for problems are greatly increased. For animals, a pond is just another place to 'Poop'. Seepage/run-off from septic drainage fields or livestock holding/grazing areas can also present a real hazard.

It would be very unusual, considering the size of the regeneration area, that a problem with floating algae would occur. Attached algae (non-filamentous) is wanted and is beneficial to the water quality of the pond.
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