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Originally Posted by 4seasonsturfandsnow View Post
There is no black and white on this one.

Some customers could care less about appearance. They know what price they want to pay and they want the job done right. Other customers want professionalism and a corporate feel. I think people feel comfortable with corporate, it makes them feel safe.

At the end of the day though it's always going to be worth it to look good.
ya, looking good never got anyone less business. more people are gonna see a truck going down the road with a mower behind it, then any ads you might have anywhere. but looking like garbage, could stop people from calling, depending on how superficial the people in your area are depends on how much they care about what your truck, trailer, and equipment looks like. for the areas i work in 70-80% don't care as long as you are the right price, and do a decent job.
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