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Originally Posted by Tylerr83 View Post
one of my guys quit today without any warning. he was out trimming shrubs at an account we do a ton of maintenance for, sent me a text around 1 that he quit and was heading back to the shop with my truck. no explanation whatsoever. I was working nearby, so I headed back to wait for him. when I asked what the problem was he wouldnt' say anything other than "I quit". He had been a good employee until about two weeks or so ago, I definitely noticed a decline in the quality of everything he was doing and a lack of attention to detail. I had talked to him about it he seemed to understand and then this....I've had to fire guys for various things but this is the first one I've had quit in the middle of the workday lol. kind of a head scratcher.
Wonder if he has a backup plan. Was a sorry thing to do either way
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