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Originally Posted by SWMichigan View Post
Good point! My statement was confusing.

Eventually I purchased a 60" mower and used it everywhere I could. After that purchase, I only used the 36" mower for areas with gates, which became a pia for me, as I suspect it will for him. I was nervous to drop the clients that required the 36" mower but once I did I was more efficient, had more energy and generally enjoyed my work week more.
This is precisely why the square footage model of pricing lawns for mowing, aeration etc. is not something I dabble with. Some of those tiny lawns with limited access and a huge amount of trimming and obstacles can be a real PITA. Save those for the Johnny upstarts to struggle with. soon as you can replace the mow-it-lower folks with better accounts.....the better off you will be.

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