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Originally Posted by italianstallion69 View Post
steeper than it looks! im buying him a 303 cat next month hell get better on it.

roses at a dollar general? what these landscape architects thinking, musta been in this months 'landscape architect magazine'

2 truckloads of sod at 5am. #notfun . luckily this was ' bring your dog to work day' guess i forgot to tell the guys. so i was reallll busy watching my dog all day. too busy for sodding!

the machine doesn't make the operator....he could have a brand new cat mini x and still suck and be scared to go up a hill. a good operator knows what is possible and what is not in a machine, and will figure a way out to do something that might seem a little difficult. Like i said i do what other landscape contractors say is impossible or can't be done without certain machinery, without that machinery.
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