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Originally Posted by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting View Post
I think it is interesting that GE, Philips, Sylvania Osram, Soraa, Toshiba, LSG, CRS ..... Are essentially being labeled as "lower end manufacturers". Really? Do you really think that all of these top name manufacturers of LED lamps are putting out under performing and lack lustre product that won't live up to expectations?

The market is quickly filling up with all sorts of very high performance LED lamps for all sorts of applications. The product is widely available and prices are becoming very competitive.

Also, I have yet to come across anyone who can pose an effective argument for using integrated LED fixtures from a variety of manufacturers. When you do so, you end up with a bit of a mess in terms of colour, CRI, and intensity differences. I assure you that I am not the only one who repels from such mish mash installations. Then look to the interior lighting industry... Same issues only in a much larger scale. Fact is, the most common complaint I hear about LED in my circles of designers and builders is the one against integrated LED fixtures from multiple Manufacturers. There is simply not enough standardization (yet). Not so with complete LED lamp lines from the same Manufacturer... As these tend to rely upon the same chipsets and optics across the full line of lamps.

Steve, we have hashed this out more than once... Lets just agree to disagree. Ultimately the market will decide if one of us is 'right'.
(BTW, my earlier references to the trends away from integrated LED, lightfair trends, major brands, etc, was not limited to the low voltage outdoor lighting segment but rather the industry as a whole. Integrated LED product is still very popular and probably prevalent in the out door sector, but nonetheless, still problematic.)
Yes, I can agree to disagree and I am not dissing the excellent manufacturers you mention - my focus is on the use of their products in enclosed outdoor fixtures. If we were making indoor fixtures then I'm sure we'd be using drop-ins, too.

Also, I don't see a "mish mash" problem with our products - all within a fairly tight range of CCT and CRI. And, combining our products with others with similar specs shouldn't be a problem.
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