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Originally Posted by orangemower View Post
I'm going against the grain here. Did you talk to Mrs. C? It could be that she manipulated him into a cheap price by telling him she had a bunch of work she will need done soon. Just her saying that could have triggered him to cut her a cheap price. Maybe you should call Mrs. C. and have a talk with her. Explain that the young man that is doing the lot is someone close and that you don't appreciate her taking advantage of him. There's always two sides to the story.
Well, she may have "manipulated" him, but that doesn't mean he had to take the job. I declined one job years ago after mowing it one time, then finding out that another guy had been mowing it for more than I had charged. He ended up not going back, but I still didn't take the account until 2 years later when he went out of the business.

I do plan to talk to Mrs. C, but am waiting for her to contact me to cancel service. As to how much she'll tell me, I don't have a clue. As for the price difference, this will save her a whopping $30 a year or so.
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