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You should find out how Mrs.c says this went down. I have a neighbor that became my workout buddy and a good friendship developed; our families go out to the movies together etc. There is a guy that I have known for years that mows for a living, when I started up he looked worried, and I told him not to worry that I would not go after any of his accounts. He got a stone in the eye and could not cut my neighbors property so sent his brother to do it. They were not happy! They asked me to do it I said No, and explained why. They told me about the eye injury, so I said ok, I will do it. I went in cut, edged, trimmed, and blew off their sidewalks patio etc. They were amazed at how fast and thorough we were, and said that they wanted me to do it from then on. I said I couldn't do it and they said we are the ones paying, and it was their decision. I now have the account and apologized to the other guy. He only has a push mower, homelite trimmer, and a rake! I guess I am bad then.
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