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Originally Posted by edbeek View Post
Hi there. First post for me.
I took a 3100 for a quick demo a few weeks ago. Being 6'4" tall, my knee would interfere with the steering lever when operating the deck lift. Sat in one again today at the shop and it looks like there is still a bit of adjustment left in the handles, but doesn't seem like enough. Seat was back as far as it would go.
Wondering if any taller people have been able to set it up to comfortably use the deck lift?

Also, would I be right in assuming that the 36hp 1000 odd cc B&S is rated on the old rating standard and would actually be roughly equivalent to the Kawasaki 31hp 999cc which is rated with the new standard?
I'm 6'2 and have the suspension seat upgrade which also raises the seat about 3-4" fits me better than anything I have been on. Maybe the lap bars were not adjusted right you shouldn't have had any problems.
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