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16g's to spend... I wouldnt go no more than 5k on a truck 3/4 ton at least... you can find something reasonable for that. 1g on a open face trailer at least 6x14 you can find something close at that price. (Bigger the better). Ztr you could probably get a decent 48",52" hustler fast trac or toro around 5k new. I would go new so your covered under warranty for a couple of years, and if the dealer is worth anything he will have a loaner if it goes down for repairs. Or you could just craigslist a used mower for ($2500-$5k) and come out with a much better unit but when it breaks be prepared to fix it yourself dealer cost's way to much and the downtime is just as bad. Dealer expense can dig hard into profit margin. Handhelds, go new.. for the warranty 2 weed whackers 1 mid range ($300-$350) for maintaining properties and 1 beast ($350-$450) for the nasty stuff, 1 blower, get the most powerful one you can find ($500-$600).. during the winter time you will make more money for time saved, 1 hedge trimmer ($500-$600), I prefer extended mid range way easier on the back for long periods of trimming but cost a little more.. time saved means money earned, 1 stick edger ($350-$450), get a curved shaft mid range power.. dont waste money on a low end model it will cost you money down the road on time wasted

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