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Originally Posted by conceptsketch View Post
I would run not walk , franchises are scary , they claim to have your best interest . But there model is built so that they make money no matter what . This defies basic laws of business , Businesses fail, but Franchisors dont fail there franchisees do, the franchisors never loose money, only the franchisees do.
Weedman is very manipulative they act bigger then they are in the landscape management top 100 . They are from Canada at least 95 % is .
The problem is the royalties in most franchises cant exceed 4 to 5 % for one to survive but weedman will take 10 to15 % ,That is insane 60 minutes did a series on it one time with royalties that high its a good shot at failure . i dont recomend franchises because you really get ideas and some tools but thats it , Hire a consultant its cheaper .
I also run a Weed Man franchise and wanted to clear up a few misconceptions. First, Weed Man's royalties aren't 10-15%- they're typically closer to 5 or 6%. My advice when looking at franchising is to research the available options. I did this for a year before buying into Weed Man. It became very clear early on during my research which franchises were ones that I was interested in pursuing more information from.

Weed Man is the top-ranked lawn care franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine. It was ranked #89 overall and #15 amongst home-based franchises. It's true that Weed Man was started in Canada in 1970. They started franchising aggressively in the US about 10-12 years ago. This year approximately 40% of sales will be from US based branches with the other coming from Canada.

From my experience, I can assure you that I've never felt manipulated or felt like someone was looking over my shoulder with regards to corporate- it's been much the opposite. Not only have they been helpful, but they are ultra-accessible. I can get advice from any of them simply by calling- they have always been there to help.

Buying into a franchise is a huge decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. Do your research. The best way to know what being a franchisee would be like is to reach out to a few and grill them. That's what I did and you'd be surprised what some franchisees from various lawn care franchises would tell me.

Overall it's been a positive experience for me. My business has gone from 0 to 1700 customers in a little over 5 years. I'm never the cheapest option and don't sell on price. If you can do that without a franchise just as fast then maybe a franchise isn't worth it for you- everyone is different. If anyone wants to reach out to me to discuss feel free to.
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