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Originally Posted by LBOperator View Post
I don't know if I can ad any light but here's my 2 cents. My pulling truck is an old Dodge W250 Power Ram, it's kinda beat up but it's clean, my trailer is plain but I keep it painted black at all times, don't want to show rust. And I have been taking my wife's nice Xterra to quote jobs and I wear a nice polo shirt kacky shorts and decent shoes. I don't go in a suit, but I could play a round of golf and not get kicked off the course. My equipment is clean and well maintained but if I relied solely on how my big truck and brand new Scag looked, I would get any yards. I am fairly new to the business, and don't get me wrong once I get 20+ yards a week I will be looking to upgrade, but I will always buy very good condition used unless the dealer has something I just can't pass up.
Is the Ram a 4x4, cummins, 5 speed?
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