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Originally Posted by PR0 TURF View Post
It takes about 30-45 seconds to raise & lower the body to shift the salt to the back. On average we can do 3 small parking lots with one raise/lower of the body. It's not as inconvenient as you would think. They have never once clogged, or jammed up on us. There is not an additional gas engine to maintain, like our old v-box spreaders. We can carry more salt as well. When you are done for the day you can just dump the salt out instead of having to spin it out like the V-box. Overall we are very pleased.

I work for the state during the winter, and I would rather use a tailgate spreader over a v box any day of the week. Like Chris said it takes no time to raise the bed. If the salt sticks just put the truck in reverse and step on the gas then brake it'll slide back in a hurry. Chris you might look into making a brine maker to spray brine onto the salt as it hits the spreader fan. You already have the salt pile and I'm sure you have water at the shop it would really help out. Better yet we have a tank truck dedicated to just spraying bridge decks. You could apply the brine to a parking lot a couple days before a snow event and it will start working once it starts snowing out. I'm not sure how the smaller v boxes distribute product with the gas Motor, but on the fl60 you can set the hydraulics for you tail gate unit to operate according to the speed your driving. Just my thought
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