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This week another LCO told me he is seeing a number of replacement trees being planted for those who accepted the class settlement. He said, "just watch those trees, because they may look okay the first 3 years, but I believe normal growth alterations may become visible in 3 to 4 years, just watch." Of course, if that happens it will be past the replacement guarantee expiration.

I've been watching one near my property (not mine) that was a replacement and the top is already completely yellowed and curled. It's so sad to watch this process seemingly start all over again. I sure wish this junk in our soils would disappear! We still don't know for certain when the impact of this toxin will finally be no more.

Tomorrow, June 28, is the last day to opt-out of the class action settlement if a person believes it is not sufficient for their property to be made 100% whole. Looks like more are opting out. Here's another report:
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