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Originally Posted by herler View Post
I can see why they'd do what they did after you gouged that poor lady, in all honesty did it really take that much longer, you couldn't have raised your blades just a little so it would have taken you the same time as usual, how would you feel if your car mechanic charged you $200 extra for tires because you waited until one or more was dang near racing slicks and not because it truly costs an extra $200 but just to teach you 'the cheapo' a lesson, hell you even said you expected her to drop you so now you're surprised?

And that's just the TIP of the iceberg I wanted to unload but I can see you've had enough grass cutting for a bit.
Herler, sometimes you just make no sense at all. What makes you think I "gouged" that "poor" lady? I intentionally never mentioned the actual price on the job, because it really wasn't relevant, but, if you must know, I raised her price from $30 to $40. In an average year, the lot gets mowed 5 or 6 times, so if you call charging someone $60 more per year gouging, then, well, I suppose I am guilty as charged.

And, if you think it doesn't take longer to mow an account only once a month during the peak growing season, then you haven't cut much grass, but even that wasn't my primary reason for raising the price. It is just as much trouble, and costs me just as much money to invoice someone for $30 a month, as it does for $500. I decided, that to me, it just wasn't worth messing with for $180 or so a year.

Also, the original post wasn't about "Mrs. C", it was about someone I considered a friend that I had helped in the past, and planned to help more in the future, putting what you now know, is only a few bucks, ahead of our friendship. I said I wouldn't be surprised if the customer dropped me, I didn't say I wouldn't be surprised if a friend took the account by undercutting my price.
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