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Originally Posted by herler View Post
I drive a rat looking truck and most if not all my equipment looks the part.
I'm talking dents and panels out of line and paint missing and rust holes, you dig it?
That's me.

Now get a load of this ...

Wouldn't a rat mobile owner be the fool to offer the same price as the pros?
Especially considering, a rat truck like mine costs $2,500.
Compared to a new 3/4 ton, 30 or 40 thousand.

You guys understand this cost difference?
You guys understand my truck is all paid for, that my insurance is tons cheaper?
You understand that just because of that, my costs are already a lot lower?

So what happens if the owner of the rat outfit does as good a job as your so-called pro?
And charges according to his costs, which are lower...

No man, I'm not talking a 'bit' lower.
I'm talking $40 instead of $65.

Dude, don't be offended.
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