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Originally Posted by PapaD View Post
Starbuy - Have you gotten any indication from any attorney that they have accomplished anything beyond what is in the proposed settlement agreement? .
I'm sure you'll understand that I can't talk about that nor have I heard of any jury trials yet. And, most of the time settlements can't be discussed publically. Some can more easily accept the current offer than I can. We each have our own situations, extent of damage, property value losses and time frames. I know I made the only correct decision that I could make for my particular situation. And, the replantings I've seen with other properties confirms several things to me. Don't get me wrong, it makes no difference to me what people decide in how they wish to handle their own property. It's just important for people to be informed. When this damage first became visible on my property I couldn't find information. I and others couldn't get certain questions answered by the DuPont Resolution process nor better guarantees. This forum has helped us learn more about many things along with alternate choice we had if we knew the offers to us were insufficient. I was one who wanted to handle everything myself and didn't feel like I needed any legal assistance. That all changed when I got some unacceptable answers and offer from DuPont. I have much more damage than what DuPont was seemingly willing to reimburse for at the time and the damage has continued to spread and gotten worse from 2011, so I know I'll be better off with legal assistance. Some may not have as much damage as me and are willing to accept the current offer to them.

I hope everyone has a great summer. For more news, you can always just type in 'Imprelis' in google news.

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