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Yes, each person needs to make their own decision based on their situation. The one thing we DO know for sure is that 'they' still don't know a lot about this substance, which begs the question--'Why the H** was it allowed on the market??" Another thing we don't know, is why some trees are affected more than others, and why some improve and others don't. We don't know how much is in each person's soil, how much is degraded, and if there is any seeping back into the soil from plant tissue. There are simply too many variables. Much of this is still being investigated, and it can't look good for DuPont. Some of us luckily are able to wait it out, while others cannot. Some of us simply believe we can help contribute to holding DuPont's "feet to the fire," so we are. We've decided that it is worth the money and risk to replace our trees by qualified professionals and continue our own little experiment. Otherwise we just waste time. So far, we've had good luck with replanting, even when it was against recommendations. Some replants showed a little affect--others not at all. (When I say 'replant,' I don't necessarily mean replacing a tree--I mean continuing to plant trees in our yard, as we had planned.)
Also, based on Starbuy's reports and photos, I really think you could have ALSO had irresponsible sprayers--either wrong dilution, too close to trees, etc--because yours seems to be more extensive and worse than others. Again, more variables.
DuPont should be giving the 'benefit of the doubt' to ALL persons affected by this, and pay more than enough to allow each person to make their yard even better than it did before...instead they have chosen to spend excessive money being defensive and lying to people. THAT is the biggest crime.
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