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Originally Posted by macgyver_GA View Post
I wish I had some MSMA. I picked up a lawn late last year with a ton of broomsedge, the lawn is 419 bermuda, It was built 7 years ago in a subdivision on a cow pasture (broomsedge heaven) and it had never had any turf program until she hired me last fall and looked like poo. it was perfect timing for taking on a lawn. Got all the necessary pre apps out, an app of 3way in the fall, then 3way again in February for broadleaves, got it on a proper fert program to kick the bermuda back into shape, then a blanket of celcius in May and the lawn looks 1000x better and is clean other than the broomsedge. I planned on painting it with gly this past Saturday morning. Drove by about 8pm Friday and it hadnt been mowed so timing was perfect to apply the gly, showed up Saturday morning and her son had mowed the grass Friday night DOH! My fault for not coordinating a time with her...
A guy has 2.5 gal in the equipment selling section of lawnsite and he will ship and he doesn't realize what the value of it is.
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