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Trying to Move to Contract Only advice

I'm going on my 3rd year in the business
and I'm looking for input and advice

I'm in Florida and we currently have about 7 commercial contracts
and 10 Residential contracts Roughly 2700$ a month
Next we have about 100+ verbal agreements and oncall customers
about 6-8k a month

At first we took everything we could get as long as it made decent profit
But its just stressful to have a schedule mixed with weekly bi-weekly and oncall, and its a hassle collecting individual payments and keeping track of a late or missed payment, Id prefer to just go down the checklist once a month to make sure every contract paid,
also when winter comes most of the non-contracts become ghosts
i have 2 fulltime and 1 part time employee
and i hate to let people go for winter

I think its in the best interest of the company long term to only do contract customers and market for only contracts
But i need a smooth transition

because I don't want to throw 6k a month away and 30-70 customers, some of which i have been doing for 2 years

I don't mind the Contract or No cut conversation, But I'm having trouble making the shift yet keeping my dudes employed,

what would your advice be *sorry for the long post*
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