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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
In Florida a lot of people have small lawns. A lot of them cram as many plants in as they can. Often the upper canopy of the plants is hanging over the grass. Edging with a trimmer will hit them. Also the trimmer does a pretty good job of sending mulch flying. I've got a zoysia lawn that has Netafim drip and some of it right to the edge of the bed. Edging with the trimmer is the only option here. I spend several minutes herding mulch back into the bed.
Hawaii is the same. No string on my lawns. Trimming up to beds is done with the Maruyama Landscape blade. Edging of borders, plastic edging, and up to hardscapes is done with a curved shaft edger. String not only tears up the reel cut lawns, but also does quite a bad job as far as damaging overhanging plants.
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