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Originally Posted by kawakx125 View Post
the 2 biggest things keeping me from liking any of these standers other than wright is the platforms and the operator presence. i really like having the OPC in platform and never have had an issue with it. the hand operated OPC's are just a pain IMO. the other thing is the platforms, i'm 6'2'' and feel like i'm 10' tall on other standers. i can go under trees and stuff much easier on the wright and feel much more secure on them. I'm really leaning toward a gravely if anything else if i can't get the cut quality issues sorted out. that is the ONLY good thing i have to say about the loaner vantage I have been using the past couple days
I here ya on the platform operator presence. My guess to why the Pro-Stance doesnt use it is because the platform flips up for WB mode. IMO the Pro-Stance is the only "useable" stander as a WB. Altough traction was reduced. The cut is great on the Pro-Stance and that is Wrights down fall and always has been, crappy cut quality. I had great hope for the aero core deck but it has been less than stellar on cool season grasses.
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