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Get your Michigan mosquito category license. Part one is to get rid of all the stagnant water pools and swamps, if you can. Drain, or fill in. If not, add flowing water as fountains or aeration features to keep up a mild agitation to prevent larval growth. Add fish or minnows to eat the larvae. Also you can add "Mosquito Dunks" or the commercial version of same, (bacteria that kill larvae). Mow most areas so that mosquitoes have no place to hide and more wind.

I prefer back pack mist blowers for mosquitoes. Permethrin or similar works. Truck-mounted version for large jobs.

For large areas--helicopter sprays are most efficient. You may need an aerial applicator. They can cover an acre a minute.

And you are right--mosquitoes can spoil a golf game or tennis match, likewise the flower show or soccer game.

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