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Originally Posted by Callahan's Lawn Services View Post
Jasonhc73, this is exactly what I am talking about. Granted I started out with a 6x10 enclosed trailer with a push mower and weed eater from wally world, I saw the potential within my first month and went and snagged a new exmark pioneer and some used redmax handhelds. Everything I am working towards while I am still active duty is pay off ALL of my equipment, so far I owe 2500 on my mower and 600 on my brand new 8x20 enclosed I just bought. The thing is most people want to stay in the military just for the paycheck and benefits. Those are the individuals that I feel has 0 ambition to get out there in the real world and bust their but to make their mark. I, myself have planned this over the course of 12 months and have met with a very good CPA and fellow entrepreneurs. Without this information it would be easy for me to stray from my plan and make detrimental mistakes which could ultimately cost me my business. I am so excited about investing more time into my business to nurse it to where I want to be.
I take a bit of offense to the zero ambition remark. I started ,built and sold businesses in three different assignents. I had anywhere from 3 to 7 guys, fellow troops working for me. It kept them out of trouble, taught them life lessons and put extra cash in their pockets. They all needed CO approval and had to keep up their duties to a high standard. I padded several IRA accounts very well with those businesses. I earned two achievement medals for my efforts. Too say I or any of my troops had zero ambition is an insult. How many troops do their job and head straight for the club every day? Not us, we saw opportunity and took it. I had a waiting line for guys wanting to join us. Deployments and rotations caused isssues but we adapted and overcame. I sleep well knowing my business could burn tomorrow ,but I will still get that check and full medical until I die. Further I made the most of my military career and collected a vast array of extra training designators and held dual MOS when I got out. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. My only regret was I didn't get that last stripe but I did finish with a diamond. Probably my greatest achievment. Developing young troops and giving them every opportunity to make the most of the military still swells my chest with pride.
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