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be sure to get your logo from whoever creates it in a vector, layered file with the fonts, like an .ai (Adobe Illustrator) format. Why? so that it can scale cleanly and be used everywhere you need it to go, online and off. A LOT of offshore providers (and even some locals) will just hand over a .jpg or .png flattened file for cheap jobs and while that may work for the current single thing you're building, it won't even come close to serving your future needs.

Why do they do that? To capture you as a client, of course. Under the guise of convenience, they'll just say, "Just tell me what size you need for anything else and we'll make that for you". With an additional charge, of course...and that's if they are there when you go back with your next need. Get the original, layered files and fonts. Always. Even if it means paying more upfront.
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