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Originally Posted by Hollowellreid View Post
I think one of my biggest issues with professionalism is people needing to be paid RIGHT NOW once a job is complete.

Send me a bill, dammit. Some subs are like this.

We always send a bill, if there are any issues or such we will address them. It gives everything a few days to sink in and make sure the customer is happy.

Nothing pisses me off more than the expecting me to go out of my way or meet them there with a check the second they are finished. Seems pretty unprofessional to me.
The place that sometimes works on my trucks wants payment upon pick up.

My material suppliers want paid upon pick up / delivery.

If I get equipment parts I gotta pay upon pick up.

If i take the dog to the vet I must pay at time of visit.

Attorneys want money up front. Snow contractors should be paid on retainer too.

Yeah, I been in business since 1990 and with the exception of mowing - I've always demanded final payment at time of completion. If anyone has a problem, I go back.
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